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Playlist, Track 9

As you know, here at BAA, we live our lives by music, and so we curate this playlist, mainly for our own pleasure, but also in the hope that you guys will join in as well.

When we film our regular blogs with Blackrock Media for our social media spots, Francois is our lovely director / producer (person who makes us not look like idiots), and through our chats between takes we discovered he is in the seminal metal band Damn Dice - who knew - so we thought it a good spot to include them on our ever growing playlist, not least becasure they are great, but also as their new album has just come out!!!  So the track we will focus on is the second track on the new album called "Stories I Write" - a grinding, driving, screaming track that demands a repeat listen - get in your car, crank it up loud and go for a spin!!!


Here's the full playlist: 

Follow it, enjoy it, and if you are in a local band, or just want us to add a track, email in and say why!!!

You can buy or stream the new album on all the usual platforms

Here's a link to their s new video as well:


Happy Headbanging!!!


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