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Be Viewing Ready

We know that as tenants, there really is nothing more annoying than a property viewing. From the moment we turn up at the door, we’re an inconvenience. We’re in the way and we’re taking up your time and space. Especially if you’re at home on a precious, rare day off, trying to get in some much needed quiet time. It’s something that every agent knows and understands (or at least should), but the secret is, we don’t want to inconvenience you any more than you want us to be there in the first place. As a letting agent, you don’t want hundreds of viewings for a property. It isn’t going to push the price up, it isn’t going to make your life easier. For me, the ideal situation is to have one single viewing, in which someone finds exactly what they are looking for and agrees the let right away.

Now I know that we live in a real world and this doesn’t happen. Sometimes properties aren’t right for people, sometimes they aren’t quite priced right, sometimes it’s simply the wrong time of year for a particular property. But sometimes, we see a property we know to be great, not looking its best and because of this, we see large numbers of viewers turn up, having seen great photos online, only to be put off when they see it in person.

Granted, this can be down to the natural lifecycle of a property. Things age over time and it could be that the property in question is desperately due some redecoration after a long tenancy, but there is always something that can be done, to get us out of your hair as quickly as possible. All too often do we see minor tweaks that can be made to ensure viewings go smoothly and we can be out of your way.

So this post brings with it a plea, from everyone here at Brighton Accommodation Agency (and probably every letting agent around the world) to our tenants. Please help us to present the property in its best light! We know it isn’t always easy, but with a bit of teamwork, we can inconvenience you as little as possible. It’s better for us and it’s better for you. We’re not asking you to light candles, turn on the lights and brew fresh coffee, that would be asking way too much, but we have just two simple requests.

1, Please try to make sure the property is clean and tidy for viewings. We know not everyone lives with their property to a show home clean standard. I imagine if you went to all of our houses perhaps only one or two would be immaculately clean. In fact, I know that I am practically incapable of being completely tidy from day to day. However, just a quick once around the property when you know a viewing is going to take place and making sure the washing up is done can make a huge difference.

It may be that this isn’t always possible, not everyone can find the time in the week to manage this, but I can assure you that a little bit here and there will likely make those entering the property get a much better feel for how great a home it could be and it may be the difference between someone proceeding with a let, or not. Thus meaning it could be the difference between it being the last viewing or not!

2, Be sure to report any problems in the property as soon as they arise. We often see people leaving “minor” problems because they’re not overly inconvenient. But there are two problems there. Firstly, minor problems become bigger problems and bigger problems are harder to repair and take far longer to address. By which point, they have become a massive inconvenience to you. And secondly, the few little bits here and there that you don’t mind living with, may be a huge problem for someone else.

We can only address the problems we know about and minor problems are much easier to address than major ones that have been developing for weeks, so please let us know as soon as problems arise. Staying in touch is the best way to ensure everything is resolved in the best possible way. But please, if something has happened recently, in front of those viewing the property is not the best time to bring it up. Our team are always happy to pop up before, or stay with you after a viewing to see new problems!

If you can pitch in to help us a little bit, together we can be sure to minimise our impact on your daily lives as best we can. We know we’re an inconvenience and we know you don’t want us in your way and we don’t want to either!


All the best,


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