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Playlist, Track 12

Our curated playlist grows ever more brilliant!!!  Today's offering is someone I am quite new to.  I recently started an MA at Waterbear, and one of the patrons of this fabulous instutuion is Frank Turner, who sang us all a song at the official opening last summer.  I thought he was great, and was a nice guy to talk to, and so I looked at his newest album and came across this track.  At the time I had a lot going on in my life, and was actually quite worried about various circumstances and changes in the market.  I had this one on my earphones whilst on a nice long run the following day, and it has to be said, felt pretty good after hearing it.  I have always believed in the healing power of music, and can go back to seeing video's of Freddie Mercury conducting 250,000 people at the original Rock in Rio festival as proof that music can transcend all race, colour and creed issues to bring people together.  To hear other people write songs that stike a chord with you is a beautiful thing, and so is this song.  Enjoy!!!

Do please follow the playlist, and pop across your contributions and why you want them included.  It's fun curating, but it's more fun to collaborate!!!

Here's the video of the launch party:

And please follow the playlist here:

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