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Playlist, Track 14

To continue our love of music, and where possible, local music, lets visit the dark political world of Saint Apache and the title track of their last E.P. Wolf Machine.  A great riff heavy band that have been around for a couple of years now, but seem to have this very current flavour.  They are probably bored of the comparisons to Rage Against The Machine, but's in an undeniable influence in both style and substance, and they do it so bloody well, it's easy to get hooked on them.  Live they just smash it big style with a great punchy sound that grabs you by the gonads and demands you pay them attention!!!  Oi!!!  You!!!  Listen to this!!!

So, listen, we really want you guys to join in with this blog, so if you are a local band, or hang out with a local band, then send their stuff over with a bit about why you love them, nd we'll publish it!!!  Or, if you just want to add a tune that you think is worthy by anybody, then let us know why as well.

Follow the playlist, and lets get curating together!!!






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