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Brighton Roasts

Thursday may seem a little early in the week, but it’s about the point I start thinking about it and start to get excited for the next one. The humble Sunday Roast makes Sunday my favourite day of the week and is a great time to bring people together. Growing up, it was always a time for the family to sit together, but since moving to Brighton for university, it has become something completely different for me. It’s now a time to get a group of friends together for a chat, some good food, and a few drinks. Whether it’s at home, or in a pub, I can’t think of anything I’d rather spend my time doing.

Across Brighton, pubs have been constantly upping their game and now the Brighton Sunday Roast has taken on almost mythical status, with the best chefs being regarded as something akin to a cross between a rock star and a top football player. People are always keeping an eye on what comes next from their favourite chef and which kitchen they’ve moved to next!

So great has this market become, that the Brighton Sunday Roast Club Facebook group is constantly a buzz with reviews and new information about where to find the best Sunday food in our fair city. Passing 9,000 members it’s clear to see that this is no small feat. The page was even featured in the national press in 2018.

I find that these days, you’re harder pushed to find a bad meal than a good one across pubs in Brighton and Hove, to a level that socks even the foodiest of friends when they visit from out of town.

This isn’t really a property blog this week, but a short love in about one of my absolute favourite things in this city. It’s one of the things I fell in love with and a large part of why there isn’t anywhere I’d rather live.

If you’ve not tried a pub roast lately, get out there, meet your friends and see what there is to offer. I’d recommend one, but it’s so hard to pick just one and I wouldn’t want to show favouritism!


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