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Playlist Track 16

So, gonna go a bit fanboy today - When I was growing up, feels like a million years ago now - but we had terrible places for us to buy music - you'd go into HMV or Virgin and there would just be shite chart music, Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan, Bros et al, and it was pretty depressing to be honest.  At 17 years old, we would have to jump on a train and head to Camden or Kensington in London in order to find out what was cool in the world of rock, either that or record Raw Power or Headbangers Ball on the VCR and see what the yanks were sending over.  Rock was exciting for me, but quite inaccessible.  It just made it more fun and doubly exciting when you found a good band, and it was great to fall in love with it!!!  This was pre Nirvana around 93.  I discovered Little Angels this way, and followed them their whole career, but for me, Too Much Too Young epitomised what was great about the band.  It's fun, it's rock, it's got big hair and a great riff and it still sounds great to this day!!!  I still play it in my car, and I still listen to it when I run, I even listen to it loud at home when the wife is out!!!  To make this song even better for me, is it turns out that many years down the line, I am now working closely with the guitarist Bruce Dickinson, and I am even studying an MA at his new educational institution, Water Bear.  They say never meet your idols as they generally let you down, however in this case, it couldn't be more wrong.  I just hope on their next reunion tour I get backstage passes!!!  Hint Hint Bruce!!!

Anyway, get yer lug holes round this classic, loud and proud please!!!

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Peace and Love


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