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What a Load of Rubbish!

Being a good tenant goes hand in hand with being a good neighbour, and this generally coincides with not trashing the area. I have to state here and now that I have had fewer complaints about rubbish in the streets from neighbours of my managed properties over the last couple of years, as we try to educate our tenants throughout the tenancy, or maybe because awareness has peaked, but it can still be a problem and one that really does affect the reputation of student housing badly. So, during the tenancy, you need to research when your bins and recycling and collected (these are generally on different days). Keep your bins at the back of the house where possible, or back from the pavement, so the streets look clean and tidy, and on the day, they are collected, you move them to the front of the house (you can even do this the night before, so you don’t miss an early collection). With your recycling, there are rules that you can find online and updated by the council, about what you can and can’t recycle. Do try, where possible, to clean the recyclables, and also recycle as much as you can – don’t listen to that numpty, Trump – climate change is real, and we must help in any way we can.)

If, at the end of your tenancy, you have excess rubbish to get rid of, then please locate your nearest refuse centre and drive it all there. Do not leave it outside the house as it will generally end up strewn around the place, be photographed, and shown in the local press (yes, this is a recurring theme with our local press – they do like to bash the students wherever possible). Even the smallest amount of rubbish on our streets can quickly become a party for seagulls who spread it all around the road.

When the council were running their census on if the residents in Brighton and Hove wanted HMO legislation invoked, they dressed it up as dealing with anti-social behaviour and refuse in the streets, two things that it does NOT deal with, but it was voted in under these pretences. This means to me, that the locals quite rightly find these issues worrying and want them addressed. Let’s not give people further reason to sully the reputation of our students by being lazy and not clearing up after yourselves. Make a point of not only clearing up in the house but also directly outside the house. Believe it or not, I do actually get nice calls from neighbours as well who want to thank people for leaving it nice and clean, it’s not just about complaining. At the same time though, we’ve also seen tenants keeping bags and bags of rubbish inside the property that just haven’t taken it out. The smell enough should encourage everyone to take the rubbish out, it’s not pleasant, can encourage vermin, and can be a health risk!

If you are in any doubt as to what needs doing, then drop us a line and we will see if we can help.



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