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How to find your perfect rental property

It's generally a thing we see a lot – people speculating over what they want, and by this, I mean that they can come and say I would like to see a one bedroom flat, or a six bedroom student house, or whatever… but it’s such a broad brush stroke that it doesn’t really give us much to go on, and it can be quite wasteful on both your time and ours.  So, I would love it very much if, when you are looking at a property portal, or even better our lovely website, that you really do digest the information that's provided.  It's all pretty helpful, but if things are missing, please ask the agent to specify so you know it meets your actual needs. 

I’ll give you some examples.  We can quite often be on a viewing with people who seem to genuinely like a property, and when we enquire as to whether or not they do in fact like it, they say its in the wrong area but is lovely.  Now all of our adverts come with a link to google maps, this definitely tells you where the property is situated.  If you look at this and you can see where it is, then you will know if the area is suitable.  This can also go for things like Gas Central Heating, Gardens, En Suite Bathrooms, Separate Lounges and a multitude of other things.  Really all of this is on the adverts.

My suggestion would be to write out a hit list of what you want that would include the top end price, the furthest location you would be happy to move to, if you need a garden, or a shed, or parking or whatever, but please be specific and make sure that you only book in for ones that conform to your plan.

It will streamline the whole process and allow you to find your perfect home a lot quicker.

Perhaps look at it a bit like a dating site.  The more information you bring to the table, the more likely you are to find your perfect match!

Why not check out our video on this subject?

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