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It’s time to move out of your student house, now what?

So, the end of the tenancy is drawing near for your student house, what should you do next? This time of year is full of end of tenancy and move out questions, but it doesn’t need to be any more stressful than moving house always is! There’s always lots to do with move day approaching, but with these three top tips, hopefully, you won’t miss any of the important stuff.

  1. Check the instructions

Towards the end of your tenancy, your landlord or agency will likely have written to you with instructions for the end of your tenancy. It’s important to read through and fully understand the process (however boring the letter might be) to ensure you don’t miss anything. There is no strict rule to follow for the end of a tenancy, so everyone does things slightly differently. Your current agent may do things differently to the previous one, so it’s important to know.

For example, in our student houses we ask for all keys to be left at the property, with bedroom keys in bedroom doors, do they can all be accounted for at check-out. If you hadn’t read the letter to know that, it could take a chunk of time out of your move day to bring them to our office and have to turn back!

Just check the instructions you’re given and if anything is unclear, get in touch and ask the question. It’s always better to check! If you haven’t received any instruction on the process, speak with your landlord or agent to make sure you know what to do.


  1. Use your inventory

The handiest tool in knowing how to leave the property and being sure to get your full deposit back is the inventory taken at the start of your tenancy. This is the way the property should be left when you leave. If you can’t find your copy, your agent should be able to send you a replacement without too much trouble.

In checking through the inventory as you go, it becomes a lot easier to know that the property is being returned in the condition it was received in. The main problem we see on tenants leaving student properties is the cleanliness, so be sure to clean everywhere. The water in Brighton is very hard, so you may need a good limescale remover as well!

As a top tip, you don’t need to leave everything where it was in the inventory, but it definitely helps the clerk carrying out the check-out if the furniture is in the same place.


  1. Close your accounts

Every year, we have new incoming tenants that struggle to open new accounts for various utilities because previous accounts haven’t been closed; debt collection letters being sent to properties for bills against accounts still running; and rent paid to us after the end of the tenancy, that needs to be returned. Not only is this a pain for us to deal with in the office, it’s also hugely inconvenient for the outgoing tenant, not to mention potentially costly!

Just make sure to contact each of your suppliers and close all of your accounts, giving meter reads where necessary and cancel any standing orders to pay rent. That way, you know you’re ready to move out and have no worries from your previous tenancy. Another option is to use a home mover service, to sort all of this for you.

If you have any questions regarding the end of tenancy process or any tricks and tips you think might be helpful, let us know!

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