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Keeping it in the Family

When managing a portfolio of properties, one thing is certain, you are going to need to carry out maintenance work. Aside from the difficulties posed by the problem itself, this work can also throw up a plethora of challenges to even the most experienced of agents. Namely, the punctuality of contractors; how easy a contractor is to get hold of; the quality of the repair work carried out; landlord response times; the overall response of a landlord to having to carry out works; and the level of co-operation from the tenant, be that through communication, access, or even the initial reporting of the issue.

To try and minimise these concerns in the past, we’ve dealt with a single company, as a sort of “one-stop-shop” for maintenance. The hope here is that bypassing over jobs to a single point of contact with a team of experts, the issues would get dealt with swiftly and effectively. In practice though, it just slowed things down, as there were at times 5 or 6 people in the communication chain to get problems resolved and the messages often blurred in the middle.

The change, therefore, was to bring such work in house, having a dedicated maintenance manager to not only speak directly to landlords and tenants but also orchestrate any relevant tradespeople reduces the distance any message has to travel. Having someone as part of our team, who can attend the site, speak with the tenants and even carry out minor tasks means that the understanding of a job is always there. Coupling that with that same person carrying out regular inspections of the properties give peace of mind to landlords and tenants alike that things are kept up to the highest standard.

By making sure our in house maintenance manager receives the reports directly from tenants or spots the problem himself whilst on-site, the problem of communicating the exact problem goes away. By having him speak directly to the landlord about what is required, the approval is quick as the landlord fully understands the problem. And by knowing which tradespeople to bring in and when and tracking their attendance and completion, it’s always possible to know things will be done quickly and effectively.

We’ve been through several permutations in the company to try and keep on top of the inevitable maintenance within properties, but at the end of the day, bringing it in house has helped to streamline our service.

If you have any maintenance concerns within your property at the moment that you need us to address, please report them through our portal at If you’d like to know more about our maintenance service, please email

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